upstream libchdr support for raw CHDs
I couldn't post in Developer Discussion, so I'm putting this here.

This is a heads up.  In order to allow compressing DVD ISOs to "raw" CHDs instead of "CD" CHDs, I made some changes to libchdr.  I've submitted a pull request here: [Well, I was going to add a github URL, but the forum won't let me...]

To use this, just make a "raw" CHD, e.g.:
chdman createraw -f -us 2048 -hs 1048576 -c lzma,zlib,flac -i Wall-E.iso -o Wall-E.chd

If you compile PCSX2 with the modified libchdr, the resulting CHD should "just work".  (It already works if you limit the compression types to just zlib.)

Note: The -c is currently necessary to prevent "huff" from being added to the list of compression types.  It's not really used, but as there's no support for it, header_validate() will barf.  I might add support for it if I can figure out how it works.

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