usb Buzz device , only evdev api with no list of jostick device
Hello all

I have some ps2 console with all the Buzz game for play with friends.
But the ps2 is very old , and i want to use this emulator to play with it.
For more easy way i use Batocera linux, and the hardware ps2 usb Buzz device.
If i understand since the plugin are not available , so i can t use MultiBuzzers Plugin.
So i go the pc2sx config app :
1. Going to "Config -> USB Settings"
2. Setting "Device Type" to "Buzz Device"
3. Setting "Device API" to "Evdev" ( i don t have other choice , only this api )
4. Pressing "Configure" and ,normaly, manually mapping each controller/button to the relevant values


In the list of joystick device ( Name, PS2, PC ) to make the mapping i have no choice to make the mapping ( i include a picture )

If i stay with no mapping , and launch the game , i don t have the error Buzz device is not find, but whwn i have the button choice of language , nothing happens ( normal because no mapping )

Do you know if i can add a link to the existing josytick ? add api Dinput ? other choice ?

Thank s for your help

OS And Hardware :

Linux : BATOCERA V36
Disk format: ext4
Temperature: 43°C
Architecture: x86_64
System: Linux 6.1.14
Available memory: 30588/32047 MB
Cpu model: Intel® Core™ i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz
Cpu number: 12
Cpu max frequency: 5700 MHz
OS version: 36 2023/03/05 23:38

pcsx2 : v1.7.3292

Iso rom : Buzz! The Mega Quiz (Europe) (En,Fr,Nl).iso

Default config

Joystick hardware :
[root@BATOCERA /usr/pcsx2/bin/resources]# lsusb | grep 360
Bus 009 Device 003: ID 0738:4716 Mad Catz, Inc. Wired Xbox 360 Controller
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 045e:028e Microsoft Corp. Xbox360 Controller

Buzz device :
[root@BATOCERA /usr/pcsx2/bin/resources]# lsusb | grep Buzz
Bus 009 Device 002: ID 054c:1000 Sony Corp. Wireless Buzz! Receiver

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Update your pcsx2 version it's about 200+ builds old
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
Sorry for the long time reply ...

So now in version : v1.7.4439 ( the menu config have a lot of change )

The manualy mapping works !!!

But in game the button works some time ... ( specialy the blue )

I put the device in another computer and make a lot of hardware tests, no issues all the buttons works perfectly

For test i make the test of make mapping , and erase and make mapping again a lot of time : no problem

It's just in game ( mega quizz ), I find on google other guys with same trouble :
"Using release 1.7.4350, this issue still exists. Playing Buzz is impossible as the buttons, particularly the blue one, get stuck for various lengths of time constantly"
"I did some testing myself with the copies of the games that I have from many yonks ago, and all the Junior games work, same with the specialty games (Sports, Pop, Music and Hollywood) so this issue, to my knowledge, just affects Big Quiz and Mega Quiz"

i continue test now :
I have other Buzz device , i will check it with other
I test other game to see if it's only on some game

But do you have an idea for help ?
OK i test :
4 Buzz devices : same trouble
Windows version of pcsx2 last version : same trouble
Other buzz game : ..... It's works on some buzz games

So how i can open a ticket only with this buzz games bugg ?
I am having the same issue with BUZZ Mega and BUZZ Big (all my other BUZZ games are working well).
I am using the latest PCSX2 1.7.5224
USB cable connected BUZZ controllers are recognized, and buttons work in common.
But blue button seems to get stucked and are activated all the time, so game is not playable.
I visualized the BUZZ inputs and I am sure that there is no real input from the controller itself, it must be a bug in the BUZZ driver or emulator.
Even if I map keyboard buttons to the BUZZ buttons instead of the real BUZZ controller buttons, the issue exists.
BUZZ Hollywood, Music and all the Junior BUZZ games do not have this issue, it seems to be only a problem with BUZZ Big and BUZZ Mega.
It would be great if someone can fix it, as I am using PCSX2 mostly for BUZZ as my old PS2 is dead now.
Thx :-)

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