using 3-4 cores on pcsx2.
first pcsx2 use 2 cores max ok now if.... example:

gsdx 1core
sound 1core
pcsx2 1core i dont now how it work? explane please.

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GSDx already uses it's own core (thats what core 2 is doing)

Splitting that apart won't necessarily mean faster emulation, and in fact would cause a bunch of problems with timing the cores since if the SPU core drops out of sync with the main game core it can and likely would cause problems.

This isn't just true of PCSX2 either, it's a problem with using many cores in many different games. If you seperate too many tasks between too many cores, you end up having to waste a lot of CPU just to make sure the timings are right. Enough so that it may end up DECREASING speed instead of increasing it (or making so little difference while complicating the code enormously thus making future improvements much more difficult)

The PCSX2 team has stated they'd like to make use of more cores in the future, but it would require a massive code rewrite and is therefore not a priority at this point.
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hmm i see ok, thanx in advanced i think we must wait until the dev team start out in 4c

thanx to you
thanx to the dev team for great work .
Note, that program does not know about cores, it used THREADS. So even if sound will use 3nd thread, pad plugin 4rd (which is not quite good), gui 5th, there is no need for 5 different cores: summarily load of this 3 threads are usually low, so it's be 1%-2% additional speedup at the better case, and could be a performance degrade from such multithreaded design.

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