using my g27 on pcsx2
Hi guys,
I was wondering how i could configure my wheel to work with the emulator?
When I try to bind left or right, it will always show up as brake + or - instead of the wheel axis.
I know using the wheel might not be perfect, but I've seen video clips of people using their wheels and i need help configuring mine.
What is the easiest route for me to go in order to config my wheel to a playable level?

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try xpadder (google it)
I don't have a G27 but I have no problems getting my separate CST USB pedals and ECCI wheel working together on PCSX2. You need to use Lilypad and experiment with it. There is a way to get them working. No need for Xpadder/Joy2Key/etc.
oh ok, thanks.
I guess it all comes down to trial and error.

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