using pcsx2 for my site

i'm interested if i'm allowed to post pcsx2 program in my download section on my site.i'll be planning to post videos with my collection of builds with full stept by step tutorial for each game i have. i wan't to make a download section with each pcsx2 build for each game ( exept my bios of course). will i be violating any rules.

thank you

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No,you can freely do it,but you need to also give links to the source and give proper credit Wink
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thats great Smile thanks
Whats the site?
[Image: 1283060.png]
it's not yet up, i'm still testing the games that i have so i can find the best configuration for each game. i'll let u know when it's up and running.
please ineed help . i don't know how to use this program every time i press run cd/dvd , a message comes to me about some kind of bios !!!!! what does that mean please help me quick. thanks .....
And post in the proper section next time.
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