v 9.8 Codebreaker Help (Iso autoload?)
I have a quick question. I am running version 9.8 and I can play any game to essentially full speed so hardware not an issue of any kind.

I run Codebreaker v10 Iso and select said game to cheat with and go to load the game and it brings up the insert game screen.

I have seen and read every tutorial and help question (that I have seen) and to my displeasure cant figure out how to actually SWAP discs. Iv seen it done with v 9.8 on youtube yet when I hit escape and go to select the iso of the game PCSX2 Autoruns that Iso without brining up the previous codebreaker game so that I could enable the cheats.

Any help would be appreciated.

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You don't need to swap,just extract the main elf file from the codebreaker disk(it's a file with name that look like this ????_???.??)and then just select your game like you always do(mount it and use Gigahertz,using the internal ISO loader,or with Linuzappz ISO)

Just use File=>Run ELF=>choose the file that you extracted(the file won't appear because pcsx2 by default is searching for a file with .elf extension but the codebreaker file is not with that extension(you can rename it if you want)so just either rename that file to something.elf or from pcsx2 in File of type: choose "All Files" and choose the file)

Now if you correctly selected your game,then the process is the same as if you use codebreaker on your PS2 but without the need to switch disks
Or, you could just go to the screen where it tells you to swap games, and select your .iso using the .iso selector. It gives you the option to reset the PS2, swap discs, or cancel. You want to swap disks and press start.

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Awesome dude. Honestly my Iso had a named file but since there was only 2 options a bit of trial and error made it possible. I appreciate the help.
Yesterday I could test the codebreaker and the swap disks. Yes it works but there is some pitfalls.

Do not use sstate to load the game once started from codebreaker, this will flush the memory and return everything to what it was when saved. Use the normal load from the game menu (memcard load).

Once in game is possible to create a sstate, but although not extensively tested I personally deem it dangerous and should be avoided. In simple words, is advised to avoid sstates totally when running codebreaker in the background.

Know your cheats. Some cheats are persistent, meaning they are kept once applied and sometimes desirable to deactivate the code afterward.
Another cheat might need to be constantly on.

The first case is common when changing stats, giving items and so on. Giving items in selected slots for instance is dangerous if kept on all the time. This type is the most useful to the codebreaker usage because can be done and afterward dismissing it at all.

The second case, where the code need to be constantly applied, may be better taking the time to create a pnach file and activate from there.

Finally I had not enough time to thorough testing, only intuitively I think pnach and codebreaker should be avoided to use both at same time.

Some complexes codes just can't be used with pnach, for these the codebreaker becomes a must, still the above pitfalls still apply.
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