hi to all!
I'm using again, after few years, pcsx2 on linux and I am really enjoing it, all games i tried are wonderful in graphic and speed, really an exceptional job done with this emu also on linux, I also enjoyed the fact that now pcsx2 v1.4.0 is included in the standard repository of Ubuntu 16.04 so the installation now is more than simple. Wonderful!!

I'm using it on a 6700k with e geforce gtx 1060 with nvidia proprietary driver 367.44 on ubuntu 16.04, i'm using it with tekken5, winning eleven 10/2011, pes2014, burnout, ghostbuster and espn nfl 2k5. as sayed all is perfect but i noticed a little v-sync problem (little screen tearing), both playing full screen or windowed, tried to act on nvidia control panel but was unuseful, The problem affects all the game i used. Does someone has a tip for this? thank u in advice

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