v1.6 justintime with new computer

more than one year already that i wait to buy a computer, and the first since long ago, even before i left far from civilisatiob in 2k12....
....... i'm happy now all games i've kept in mind since old times work well now, and happylly i'm lucky with PcSX newer one coming just by this time. Also, thank-you.

That has been possible for me to play one game this year with v1.5 on my i5 7200u laptop, but "Hunting Grounds" loads far way better now (mostly, while panic's active ) !!

I've not much many games, i've already read wiki's and other helps about each of them, but 1.6 is new, and i'm not used to this kind of hardware, really i think the only game that i have to adjust better is MGS3SUB (it seems to work OOBE with D11 for all others, happylly and luckylly).

So if i expose my parameters in the forum it's to be sure idon' miss something, or on the contrary, add too much to game and it could impact rendering (am-i understandable!?).
And also because i know there is a lot of knowledge about details and that i don't have same knowlodge that you all (par éxemple : i just seen red bars that must be black in MGS intro, that i remember to have read about last year.......).
I think i can make some good movies once i'm sure i've done it well configured. If it's appreciated.

All games have habilities to run 60FPS Widescreen (from "cheats_ws.zip"), i'm lucky with al this also....

I use one instance of emulator as "portable" by game, it's only some MO, nothing compared to games files :

!??! One common question to all games, can i disable deinterlacing ?!!?

[Image: 0-Window.png]

After Burner II - SLPM-62446 - Ntsc-j
SpeedHack and Patch = disabled
FXAA in Shader Config

[Image: 1-Aft-Burn.png]

Ape escape II - SLUS 20685 - Ntsc
Inverted mVU over MTVU (my idee is that i've a big CPU, am-i wrong ?)
Added Patch : "change to GSdx software for  videos"
Ape escape III - SCUS-97501 - Ntsc
Same thing w/o Patch "Videos in software GSdx" !!!

[Image: 2-Ap-Esc-II.png]

HauntinGround - SLES 52877 - PAL ProgScan
Inverted mVU over MTVU
Patch = disabled
Same as above, plus  specific setting

[Image: 3-Haunt-Grnd.png]

Metal Gear Snake Eater - SLUS 21359 - Ntsc
EE +30% (good to do that ?!)
No Patch
Plus same "specific setting" as above (no more "drunk" effect)

[Image: 4-Mgs.png]

Project Zero - SLES 50821 - PAL 60hz
No SpeedHack nor Patch
Plus specific settings
Project Zero III - SLES 53825 - PAL ProgScan
Same as FF1 above,
but not sure if it must be that specificaly

[Image: 5-FatFrm.png]

Silent Hill Origins - SLUS-21731 - Ntsc
Same base settings as others
FXAA, because i don't know what it does really.......


SpaceHarrier - SLPM-62384 - Ntsc-j
Same as first listed game, alos SEGA-ages

Quote:I've an i7-9700F (!no igp, no o-c!), 32go Corsair LPX, Z390prime, 1660S and 1080p monitor (waiting next year to buy a 1440-144hz  with newer GPU if there are "intime"), all this with SSD's.

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Why are you using Large Framebuffer? Does that game need it? There are shaders that mimic interlacing in GSDX (Shader configuration).

i don't know why i actvate it, because i've a powerfull PC !! "Large FrameBuffer" description says it preventing flicker in FMV (i've enough Vram like it increases its need) and games listed as needing it disabled are not those i play (i found that all in info tip).

So i have to deactivate this, i'll search what game need it because my games are easyly emulated, but MGS and HauntinGround.

I played Haunting Ground with "Shader Boost" to apply better brightness/contrast/colors....... cool.

EDIT : so with this computer have i any advantage to use OpenGL (HW), over DX11 ? PC has power, i know it could be better with OpenGL but not sure.

EDIT 2 : MGS doesn't supports well OpenGL HW, if i use 1st person trees have rectangles in place of leaf.......

Silent Hill O : need of HW hacks like Haunting Grounds....... !?? At least Fast texture invalidation !!

Haunting Ground = disable safe feature (no need others.......) error when took shootscreen

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