vertical lines? help pls...
hi all
i just installed and configure pcx2 (its awesome)
and installed game tekken 4 it work fine speed is ok and fast but
i can play just with friend when i click some other option emu stop working
and also more important thing is i have some vertical lines across monitor
is that problem with game or my configuration/pc? how to fix that?

ty for answer
i fixed
sorry im kinda stupid
first post then use sreach xD sorry
i found 1 more topic like this and fixed my problem Laugh
ok im at my device manager. now can somebody walk me through and tell me which tab to click to see my info that you guys need to help me
i think i found one of the things u need to help me i have intel® core™2 duo cpu t600 @2.00GHz
and i think another i have mobile intel® 4 series express chipset family
my computer ACPI x64-based PC

if anybody is out there that can help me that would be great. just give me walkthroughs to help me give you the info you need

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