very LOW FPS while using OBS
Hello everyone, i was trying to record some gameplay with OBS but PCSX2 drops to low fps. My speed is like 50-60% in cinematics so it's really bad to record it. Any suggestions? i'd like to record a game to upload it.

My specs:
OBS 21.0.1 64bit
PCSX2 1.5.0
CPU: i7 7700K
MOBO: MSI z270 Gaming M3

So i really dont think that my problem is the PC because i usually record other games in full resolution without any issue... The strangest thing is that i dont always drop fps, it happens just sometimes...

Thanks in advice

PS: I've tried to record using Xsplit Gamecaster but i cant pop the record menu because the program does not recognize PCSX2 as a game.

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Did you try using Quick sync ? That way it will free up resources for the GPU and CPU as well ?
Personally, drop OBS and use GeForce Experience. It supports PCSX2, and OBS is really bad with GPU and vRAM usage when running alongside PCSX2.
yeh. high quality recording should usually be done with a second pc and a capture solution. for single pc you gotta choose. does obs use software encoding? if so, drop it. i'd agree to both of the other comments. even tho quality is proven to potentially differ, you should use a hardware encoder. you may have to choose which one is better. quick sync runs on the cpu side. means it copies the whole screenshots back to ram to encode it. this can bottleneck gameplay when the pci-e bus is very busy. it will also bottleneck your cpu's memory and controller in tight spots. nvenc should run on the gpu. it has lil less data (already compressed? minimum is delta compressed) to send back to ram, hence less bottlenecking the bus and your ram, but may use some buffers on the gpu. dunno how much. in both cases and assuming you do quick encoding, you should expect just your capture window's resolution in r8g8b8 or r10g10b10a2 or r10g10b10x2. the common outputs. i don't even know if those encoders could store and compress multiple forward b-frames. it'd sure help compression ratio, but this would indeed consume a lil more resources at work.

test and choose. Smile
Try switching OBS to use Nvidia NVENC instead of the default x264 encoder. It basically uses the gpu for encoding and thus frees up the CPU. Also which version of OBS are you using? The newer Studio or the older one? As the older one works perfectly for me personally.

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