very new to this, bad fps on all games
Ive just downloaded this with in the last couple of days and ive been tweaking the plugins the whole time. My games will run at 59 at certain points then when i get in open areas it gets down to 20. ive also needed to enable the speed hacks or it would be to slow.

im running it on my Laptop
graphics card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870
processor: Intel core i7 1.73 GHz

Im not sure what else i need to post about my computer.
The game I've been testing on is kingdom hearts final mix
how can i fix this?

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Your CPU is very weak and will probably not run even the least-intensive games with aggressive speedhacks.

Sorry man, upgrade or play on your PS2.
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I have everything...
it's your CPU the early releases of the 1st gen i7 laptop are very very weak for pcsx2 and addition pcsx2 hates HT for i7 laptops allows i7 CPU temps. goes abnormally high as the 90s Celsius.
if you just bought your laptop just now try change it to 2nd gen i5 laptop w/ a minimun of 3Ghz~higher

1.73 even turbo boosted at 2.2~dish still weak for pcsx2...already analyzed on my i7 laptop(i7-720QM @1.6Ghz[Turbo 2.4])except light 2d games e.g.:CvSNK2
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