video options not staying?
i'm trying to full screen on the sept beta build @ 1680x1050, with the sse3 89 gsdx plugin. however whenever i initiate the game, it'll start in windowed mode at a obviously lower res. Could anyone help me with this?

Also, i was wondering if there was a way to turn on some anti-aliasing?

any help would be appreciated.

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In your ini's folder there is a GSDx.ini file, open that and add
"MSAA=4" for 4xaa, or 2 for 2xaa, etc etc.

Internal resolution is different from screen resolution. Basically you're deciding at what resolution the game is rendered internally and then the image is stretched to fit the screen. This is also a form of antialaising. If you set internal res to 2048x2048, but your screen is only 1280x1024 the larger res is stretched down and removes some jaggies.

If you're looking to see that resolution full screen, just press alt+enter.
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ok that solves the aa problem but i'm not talking about the internal res(even though that dually answers the aa prob) i was talking about the actual screen res. like the top option to change the res, i'll change it and it seemingly does nothing, or does it and i just have to Fullscreen it?

like to further clarify i'm talking about the option where it lists res's along with a "windowed" option, and i select my native 1680x1050, and it goes windowed anyway, is it supposed to do that or.
Window is a fixed resolution. It only changes the screen resolution in full screen. You should be able to manually adjust the size of the window if you want it smaller or larger.
[Image: 2748844.png]
If you're using D3D10 it will always open windowed, the windowed option only works for D3D9 on that GSdx.
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