video problems
i can lead everything fine but when it gets down to the game play its just a back screen with no sound....i have bios and plugins and have everythng configed right soo idk wtf is going on....... iv only tryed 1game so far and its socom.
i have a 2.26 duo vista dx 10 nvidia 9800m gs 512 mb

if i could get some help that would be nice

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In the future, it would help if you post your config to see if it is indeed 'configed right'.

But in this case, looking at the Compatibility List (search for 'Socom'), it lists the Socom games as either 'Menu', 'Intro' or 'In game', depending on which version, but none of them are deemed 'Playable'. Basically, at this point in time you won't be able to play through from start to finish, and may not even get past the menu.

You could try using the latest public beta to see if it's fixed.

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