viewing individual game saves
I know were the games are being saved on my computer, but each 'memoery card' is 1 file and i was wondering if its possible to see whats in each file.

For example, if I wanted to make a copy of one of my games saves (e.g. summoner 2) is there a way to copy just that game or would i need to copy the whole memory card?

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use MYmc ( in my guide )

export the save in the memory card that you want the save to be copied from and import it back to the another memmory card that you want it to be paste it at Smile

you may think it's complex but it's quite easy Tongue
Thanks abdo123, MYmc is just the thing I was looking for Biggrin
Also what happend to use the own manager in the ps2?(i mean the pcsx2 ofc?

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