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vtlb miss Crash Problem. please help!
So since I had this game on a CD and have a working PS2 I ended up loading my save game onto a USB, and used CodeBreaker to load the gamesave onto a memory card. When I did the same area on the PS2, it still froze. Which told me that the problem was the save game file. So I ended up restarting the game and everything worked fine. So in this case it was not a problem with PCSX, but the gamesave itself. It really sucks but luckily I was not that far into the same.

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I am unfortunately trying this with no saves and it still gives me the error >.<
The problem most likely lies in Gigahertz CDVD plugin and u playing game from DVD. You should make an iso image and load it via Linuz ISO plugin.
I made an ISO and tried running it from it, but now it just says isoReadBlock and keeps repeating it infinitely. Maybe this game isn't suppose to be played through the emulator >.<
Try to remake the ISO using ImgBurn. Some programs don't create ISOs from PS2 games properly.
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