vtlb miss when playing RE4 and FFXII
Anybody can help me??? i playing RE4 n then suddenly its freeze during change stage (ada mission) when i look at output its shows <EE> TLB miss,addr=05ebecd6 [load].

i also playing FFXII n then its suddenly freeze during change stage when i look at output its say <EE> PC:0x0026d6a8 cycle 0x76347f46.i'm using both 0.9.6 version n 1888r beta version but its still same result......

same both setting:
renderer hardware
shader 3.0
interlacing none
d3d res 1336x768
texture filtering,logarithmic z,alpha correction= enabled

all enable
frame limiting=limit
detailed setting=all 0
not using mtgs because i'm using athlon 64

(speed hack)
cycle 2x
intc sync hack
enable iopx2 cycle rate
enable microvu for beta version

round mode=zero
clamp mode=none(extra preserve sign for beta because it would crash if i put to none or normal)
flush to zero n denormal to zero enable(both pcsx version)

I'm playing using linuzIso cdvd 0.8.0

Athlon 64 2.7 GHZ
Nvidia 8600 GT

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First than anything try without speedhacks and the advanced settings on it's defaults and disabling microvu in the beta as well, it's possible a bad iso making the problems tho so i'd try running them from the disc as well.
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