want a pnach to disable Bilinear Filtering
hi members ,  there are a bunch of PS2 games that have Bilinear Filtering and look terrible compared to their original i will list some of those games below.  I was wondering if anyone can create a pnach to disable the Bilinear Filtering.

-ADK Tamashii ( Twinkle Star Sprites , Ninja Combat....etc )
-Art OF Fighting Anthology ( i don't think it has filtering )
-Capcom Classics Collections 1+2
-Fatal Fury Battle Archives 1+2 ( i don't think it has filtering )
-Hyper Street Fighter 2
-Samurai Shodown Anthology ( i believe it does )
-Sengoku Anthology
-Sunsoft Collection ( i believe it does )
-World Heroes Anthology ( i don't think it has filtering )

Game ID's
SLPS_259.06 ADK Tamashii
SLUS_214.87 Art of Fighting Anthology
SLUS_213.16 Capcom Classics Collection Vol 1
SLUS_214.73 Capcom Classics Collection Vol 2
SLPS_256.64 Fatal Fury Battle Archives 1
SLUS_217.23 Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2
SLPM_654.96 Hyper Street Fighter 2
SLUS_216.29 Samurai Shodown Anthology
SLES_555.12 Sengoku Anthology
SLPS_258.49 Sunsoft Collection
SLES_552.33 World Heroes Anthology

chat soon

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Change texture filtering to nearest in GSdx settings. Beyond that(i.e. if that doesn't fix it) there isn't really anything you can do.
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