want to play tekken 5
hi! im new here, and i want to play tekken 5 on my system

e2180 @ 2.00ghz
HD 5750 1g
3 gig ram
latest beta pcsx2 (r1888)

i heard that you need to change your system to pal50hz but i dont know how

please help me

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huh? are you currently having problems running the game? the usual thing is to try running the game with "run > execute" if your game doesnt go further from the minigame and also for speed you might want to try the "vu cycle stealing" speedhack. If neither of those are your problems please tell us what's the problem.
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i can run the games but when its in battle the fps drops to 35~40
Well then as I said try playing with the "vu cycle stealing" speedhack.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
PAL just means that to run the game at the same speeds as it would run on a PS2, you need to run it at 50 FPS. There's no 'mode' that you can switch to that will automagically make your game run at 50FPS if your hardware can't handle it. If you were running at higher than 50FPS, you can use frame limiting to limit it down to 50FPS, but if you can't achieve 50FPS in the first place, it won't do anything.

Your CPU is probably too slow for emulation, and you could either try to overclock it or try using some speed hacks.
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Also, be aware that you may not always get perfect speeds. The PS2 is a demanding system, and emulation always has some sort of overhead(takes more processing power) verses using native hardware(the ps2 console). Your system looks about midrange, and the fps you're reporting seems about right. As Shadow Lady said, you can play with speedhacks to try and squeeze more speed out of the game, but don't expect miracles.
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