wat to do next
wat to do next
wat to do next well new here

here is pic link: http://i54.tinypic.com/hv9qo8.jpg

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i think u should read the pcsx2 configuration posted on the main page..eveeything is explained in detail there...nevertheless if u want to run a game off a dvd set the cdvd to plugin mode....if ur game is in a image file then set it to iso....the one u are running now is the bios which comes if u select no disc mode.....also if u are wondering where is cdvd its on the second bar of the program screen....
Post your question once and wait for replies. If you open one more of these spam threads, you're banned
@rama was that me you were referring to or nikhil1100??
I think it was nikhil since you're not the one who opened that Tongue2
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well did everything i mean wat to do next click wat thing o go next i wanna play god of war ;(
hmm srry rama 4 that plz dont ban me
I must admit that I spent 2 minutes to figure out how to open an ISO in 0.9.7 the first time I used it. First I have to select the ISO. Second I have to select the correct plugin or the built-in ISO reader from DVD menu. Third I have to choose Boot Full/Fast. In Dolphin just browse an ISO and play.

Perhaps PCSX2 team should consider remove the Boot Full and Boot Fast menu, replacing it with an option to skip the BIOS screen (enabled by default). This should prevent further complaining thread from noobs like this one.
@nikhil please for the love of god of war read the configuration guide...or go to youtube and watch the tutorials there...
hmm can u give me link
hmm i configured everything well
@nikhil if u don't mind please search the videos yourself....my phone's net connection is not fast and so searching for a proper tutorial and giving u a link would take me the whole night...my desktop's net connection is currently cut off due to line repairs

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