watchdog started, blank game screen
I have been using pcsx2 096 for a few days now with great results, how ever, i am trying to play yu-gi-oh capsule monster coliseoum and in the command box behind my play screen i receive 3-4 lines of
NOTICE: igPsx2Visualcontext (IG_gfx_vc_/RD ARRAY/clut array/texture array/light array/renderlist array) 1 line for ea array. after ea array is listed there is then size= with a number at the end. after those lines there is what looks to be a error msg, "watchdog started" then another line under it stating "two read circuit enabled" then it has the lines with the arrays show up again.

the ver of the game is slus_209.40 crc 63f6b523

ive tried changing my graphics around along with the options to no avail. any help to this would be very welcome

attached is a picture of the error/msg i recieve

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does any one have a clue to what is causing this to happen, all my other games work fine. Im at a loss
wow, you waited a whole. 40 mins.. anyway... those are just notes, helps sometimes for the devs to see. did you use the "run iso" or run "CD/DVD" option? (iso doesn't work for me, but using the linuz iso plugin does) also shouls ask for your PCSX2 configuration and version

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