ways to improve speed by changes in the source
thanks for everyone especially to cottonvibes to help me compiling my first ever pp of pcsx2

i have got a problem now
i changed the ee wait cycles in r5900.c to 3072 but noticed that the speed i lost in version 363 is not there back
some one help

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i uncommented the 2 lines in vu.h and saved the changes and compiled
but no speed upSad

why is that whatever changes i make doesnt make any diff to speed
how to change a code and compile again?
why is no one helping?SadSad
There are no miracle ways to improve speed in playground. It's not like changing ONE line will increase speed in all the games, the problems could be somewhere else..
but i did what cottonvibes had mentioned in one of the revision aobut interpreter hack
and the ee cycles changing to 2048 by jake stine
so is there no way changing them can be useful to increase speed?

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