we need a revolution
hi guys my name is kida and iam impressed of what u have done ....

but i have some issus

1-i have lots of ps2 games but most of them have bugs and troubles how i post them so u can make it right????

2- i wonder why u are very small group of devolopers u need more volinteer and then u will make fast advancing

3-i want to be a devolper and tester with u i am on internet all the time ,i know a liitle about programing"not alot" but i need some help and books Wink

4-why u stick with one thought try to use new ideas and programs to devolope pcsx2 "like using opengl insted of directx"see what pete have done to psone with pete's opengl plugin and what dolphin team done with opengl also i think that zerogs would have made pcsx2 better emulator if it continoued in progress but it stopped

and thats all plz respond to me guys byeeeeee

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1 - We don't want you to post your games, we'll fix bugs as best as we can with the stuff we already have.
2 - We're not that small, and there's new people already around the corner, eager to help as well.
3 - PCSX2 is a very advanced emulator (well, every emulator is advanced programming). Newcomers cannot help here.
Being a tester is also not an easy job, and judging by your language you don't fit it.
4 - The choice of the renderer API has like nothing to do with the resulting plugin quality. A bad plugin will be bad with directx as well as with opengl.
heheheheeehehehe i wrote this post at 2am and i pearly can open my eyes but i can ensure u that my laguage is semi perfect anyway why don't u try me iam already an engineer but iam mechanical engineer i just wanted some books that help in coding and then decide wich i will be useful or not

thanks for your responde rama i really wanna join this group byeeeee
This is your starting point, once you mastered it you can ask again for the developer slot.
xD This this the funnyest request of employement.
THey don't need you, but you need them.
If you are serious about any of this, then learn how to code and THEN contact us.


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