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try latest beta with mtvu speedhack.
it may help you.
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
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Go to the pcsx2 main site. Go to beta section and download any of the latest ones...install it...then go to speed hacks tab and enable mtvu....and u r done Smile
Actually jesalvein meant the latest SVN which can be found here: http://pcsx2.net/svn.php
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Honestly I think it maybe your not fast enough for the emu. Intel always been best choice for emulators.

I'm using PCSX2 0.9.8.r4600. My PC is a 2500K @ 3.3GHz / OC'ed 4.5GHz / GTX 550 Ti. I run MGS2 at a average of 80FPS with no hacks. Even before OC'ing at 3.3 I don't remember what mt exact fps was but I still was able to run at 60 fps. It's mostly about the cpu, your vid card is more powerful than mine. But like I said before cpu is #1.
Intel is atleast for this emu faster then AMD, but to say that it's for all emulators I would say that u go too far Tongue and the minimal requirements for PCSX are a Quad with atleast 3 Ghz speed. @Marco if your CPU is a black edition you should be able to overclock it a bit and squeeze a bit more out of it. My Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition runs @ 3.7 Ghz standard, but I can let it run @ 4 Ghz with the stock cooler.
If you could OC that Phenom to around 4Ghz, it would come fairly close to matching a 2500K @ stock. That would make things easier.

Aside from the standard Speedhacks and MTVU, you can also try changing VU recompiler to superVU in the Emulation Settings. Using superVU1 (and possibly superVU0 as well) can cause graphic glitches, IIRC.

Also, you can try the Allow 8-bit textures option is the GS plugin config, but it's resulting effects can vary (even through-out the same game).

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