weird FPS question
sorry if this was answered before, but i didnt find much info

When i play games with PCSX2, both FRAPS and "pcsx2 fps counter" show same fps (~ 40-50, even up to 70)

But when i play game, even if it shows 40 fps, i feel its more like 20

40 fps should feel really smooth (most console games are 30 fps anyway) but its not case here

fps i get is playable and constant, but its obviously not 40-50 fps even though it says it is

iirc there was similar thread like this answered allready but i could not find it

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Try disabling speed hacks (specially VU cycle stealing hack) and check FPS again. That happened to me.
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speed hacks + frame skipping might cause that e.g. and usually ntsc is 60 fps, pal 50 fps, as most games put out interlaced frames
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