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weird error message?
(09-30-2012, 08:35 PM)Saiki Wrote: make a bug report


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Oh my, is it my idea or this is a debug message, leftover, from the developing stage of the game? Great, this means that we could use the debug functions inside a game to debug anything that we don't have enough info for it. What other games have serious rendering problems (or something)? There are a handful number of demos/betas or actual released games that have a debug menu with detailed info, could be useful for debuging.
no, this is an error message. a debug message would not count down like that

also it would appear in emulog
grrrr, ok things have occured, I got to a certain point in the game where i've just received a mission about some roving bombs, and every time I exit, the building to go destroy the bombs the game locks up every time even if I re load it, I can't say for certain that this is due to the error message but, seeming as it's listed as playable, and no one else is reporting this error message I think it would be fair to elevate it to a bug. Sad shame I was quite a way through the game, I'll have to watch a playthrough instead.
Biggrin ok i got it working again, I had to go quite a way back to an actual save Blush but it was ok then.
But another thing i noticed, certain things that in my previous playthrough which crashed.... weren't there. in the mission where you have to enter the fortress in the first room you have to jump on 5 buttons to deactivate an gate crisscrossed with lightning. But the lightning wasn't there last time, I'd just walked straight through, also there was this like half pipe which last time I swear did not have lightning half rings down it's length. Curious.
also I did manage to play through the entire game.
Sorry for necro...
WARNING: WaitSema KE_CAN_NOT_WAIT appears in the log, twice, every time you jump on people with Leaper lizard in Spargus City in Jak 3.
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