weird polygons in game
im playing front mission 4 in ISO format and im experiencing weird polygons on screen when playing including cutscenes. heres a sample:

my system specs:

here is my configuration:


advance config:
i also tried:
extra + preserve sign on both ee and vu both no effect
unchecked flush to zero still no effect




i tried normal and limit mode but the game slowed down and i still see the weird polygons

can anyone pls help me with my problem thanks

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SPS isn't fixable right now, so you're kinda out of luck there. they're doing what they can, but that's part of the core that has to be fixed, and thet can only do it so fast without breaking MANY other things at once.
In Version 9.4 of PCSX it shows all correct - but it is extremely slow... i'm still figuring out what is worse - i play atm at 9.6 with Polygon probs...

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