weird question
hello everyone, recently i've been enjoying playing some old games at 2x speedĀ  but not being able to experience the audio normally is kinda annoying. is there someway to make the audio go normal speed while maintaining double fps gameplay?
thanks Biggrin

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If using ASync(Synchronizing Mode) from the SPU2-X settings(the audio plugin)don't help then no
just setting async mix changes nothing Sad
Well you are out of luck then
Some games keep the normal speed of the music when the game is running at double speed but I guess yours is not one of them
There is nothing else in pcsx2 that allows you to play the music at normal speed while the game is running at higher speed

The only other thing you can try is to enable async,then run cheat engine,select the pcsx2 process,enable the speedhack,set it to 2 and hit apply
This will make the game run at twice the speed and maybe keep the audio at normal speed
that didn't work either, game is dark cloud 2 btw
thanks anyway for your help <3

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