weird texture lines
Hi guys,

Finally got FFXII working properly however, it seems that some objects and landscapes in the distances have these weird issues, they keep flickering with lines, not the black lines but sort of looks like empty color palletes

notice how the carpet the old lady is sitting on is sort of half transparent, why is that?

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You aren't playing at native resolution.
native is still like that, however I did find that turning on logarithmic z makes them solid but at the cost of some textures not appearing at all ie. empty hole
Dont use Texture Filter and Check "Native" Resoulution.
[Image: devilmaycry4wallpaper09.png]
That's a Z-Fighting problem, which is common for the dx9 mode.
If you can, use the dx10 mode (yes, that means win vista and a dx10 card Tongue2 ).

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