what a great app
i just found this and and it gave me hope again..

my ps2 died just before xmas and my old games wont run on my ps3 (sony -> bah)

i could buy another ps2 but i dont use it that often so it feels a bit of a waste.

it took me a while to get it up and running but it all worked flawlessy with playground

i just tried running zone of the enders 2 (one of my favourite games ever) and it runs, although a tad too slowly to be fully playable.

I'm running on Vista Home premium on
Intel quad q6600
4gb ram
nvidia 880gts

I read the thread about speed and why it is so, but i just wanted to check there's nothing else i can do to get the speed up.

apart from closing all applications, and turning on some hacks on, is there anything else i could try?

i tried searching a little but that's all i could find

a big thanks to all who put so much effort in this application Smile

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If you set high priority, activate speedhacks, close other background application, try various configurations with zerogs/gsdx, set mtgs, no, there isn't nothing to do.
Probably not,if you are already using GSdx not much you can do to speed it up more.
Ofcourse an overclock of the CPU always helps greatly,but if you don't know what you are doing better not mess with that Wink
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