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what do you consider hd
is it by upscaling the native or by upscaling the AA? if i raise one or the other the game looks hd no matter which one i raise all the way. i cant raise both a the same time though i do get slowdowns on some games.

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Usually it's by making it 3x Native so it's around 1920x1080.
I use x4 or 1920x1080 with FXXA. Cant bare to play the games at Native res even with FXAA or AA of any sort.

I wont Run anything at anything lower then native res of the monitor (which is 1080p) any res lower just looks down right awful. you can let your monitor downscale a higher res and it will look really good, but upscaling just isnt worth it.
1280*720 is already HD actually, but yeah 1920*1080 is full hd, I run on that resolution myself.
"HD" is meaningless. Some claim 720p is HD, others claim 1080p is HD, others claim 720p is HD and 1080 is 'full HD'; the whole thing is stupid, like the improper use of the term 'lag'.

Hell, for a really mindboggling scenario: The new DMC game lists its settings as 'HD'. You know, 'HD' textures, models, shadows.. even 'HD' anti-aliasing. That's not even a real thing!

We really need to stop describing things with such pointless phrases. Shame that the same is happening for '4K' when 16:9's 4K isn't even 4,000.

To answer the question: Resolution = 'HD', nothing else.

Something which cannot be called HD doesn't matter it's res:

Soo yeah, if you want a real HD graphics, stop playing PS2 games, you'll totally not be able to find it here:].
edit: total ingrish>.>
The term HD should be understood as the minimal screen resolution that "allows" enough original texture resolution to be considered sufficiently true to the original image (as in photography). So, upscale is never, I mean never, HD, least yet Full HD. But since it enhances the already poor image from PS2 a greater deal (the optimal around 3x or 4x) it is a greater thing, the upscale.

PS: All these concepts are subjective, HD (high definition) is not necessarily a "good thing", hence a lot of original pictures get a treatment on photoshop to correct/remove imperfections the HD would easily expose. So, you may look at upscale as a kind of on fly photoshopping the PS2 native image.

PPS: at least can be said the upscale is higher "resolution" without fear of being mistaken. Just remember higher resolution is not necessarily higher definition, in that particular case, is the inverse.

Edit: One example can tell more than thousand of words (just made this up). Sometimes a poor definition picture is taken from a low resolution camera which lost the "definition" of a certain object that became unfocused and somewhat indistinguishable. There are complex techniques to "reconstitute" that particular object to try and devolve to it the desired definition to allow recognition. These techniques are usually very complicate and most of times "assisted" by human corrections, any way they take a lot of time to bring results and in no way will be so good as original high texture from the camera and surely is not the purpose of upscale.
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(02-16-2013, 02:02 PM)miseru99 Wrote: HD:

Something which cannot be called HD doesn't matter it's res:

Soo yeah, if you want a real HD graphics, stop playing PS2 games, you'll totally not be able to find it here:].
edit: total ingrish>.>


Imo, that FFX picture is totally HD. I think you're confusing graphic quality with resolution.
I have to agree with DAOWAce that HD should only mean resolution and nothing else - everything else is irrelevant.

Using such logic, New Super Mario Bros for the Wii U isn't HD, even though it's 1080p, just because the graphics are simplistic, cartoony and unrealistic.
HD means hi definition for hd videos that's just res(edit: to be exact, couse it sounded bad - res of each frame;p), for hd games, that's res and quality of everything;p. See hi definition textures in FFX? Or maybe HD models? No? Yeah me neither, it's not HD, it's just upscaled low res.
Well, what constitutes as an "HD model" or "HD texture" is subjective.

FF12 has ridiculously high detailed textures and models. You can even notice the individual hair stands on Vossler's beard. Would it be "HD" in your definition?

What about the PS3/360 game Deadly Premonition? It features primitive looking 3D graphics, but it's still 720p. Would it be considered "HD"?

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