what does SVN mean??
Excuse the noob question, but I'd like to know what SVN stands for.

thank you!

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Software Version Number?
SVN = Subversion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subversion_%28software%29

Basically, it's an easy way to manage source code for projects like PCSX2. The SVN number is pretty much the build number (which is different from a release number like 0.9.6).

Generally when SVN versions are mentioned, they are unsupported builds used primarily by developers and bug testers to try out new features. The only fully supported SVN is beta 1474.
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When you code , SVN is a must have....word of Geek !
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Well an svn isn't a must have when you code unless you have multiple developers which any projects beyond a few small things do.
It's a very useful tool, I'd totally use it for my own projects as well Tongue2
Yea even private SVN repositories provide a host of tools that can be useful to your private projects. Combined with TortoiseSVN, you get a whole host of diff'ing tools, branching ability, easy and efficient source code backup, etc.

I mean for 1-file 5-day projects it's not useful, of course. But for anything larger it probably is Smile
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