what games did you ran on pcsx2?!!
hello,post names of games that you ran in pcsx2
i`ve run these:
[full speed] smackdown vs raw 2009+2008
[full speed] smackdown here comes the pain
[full speed] x=men legends II
[full speed] pimp my ride
[full speed] DBZ budokai tenkaichi 2+ tenkaichi 3
[full speed] grand theft auto super man
[full speed] half life (old)
[full speed] mortal kombat armageddon
[GOOD] 50 cent bulletproof
[NOT BAD] didimon rumble arena 2 (sf mod)

i will get these games soon and test

fifa soccer 09
and many games too.

please post your games that ran in full speed and good speed 40-50 fps.
note: these games ran on os: vista sp2

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my first post since i have registered Smile so here are the games that i have played so far :
kingdom hearts 2 60fps
naruto ultimate ninja 1 60fps
naruto ultimate ninja 2 60fps
naruto ultimate ninja 3 60fps
narutimate accel 1 60fps
narutimate accel 2 60 fps
nocturne 45-60fps
persona 3 fes 50-60fps
persona 4 50-60fps
Shadow of the Colossus 45-60fps
i mean for most of the games that i wrote 60fps of course there are some parts that the speed drops to 45 or even below but for the most part it stays around 55-60 Tongue which is really great. but in the persona games there are some enemies that slow the game down to 10fps or below Sad but luckily you don't get them till the ending Smile
There is a big thread about that already.

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