what happened to playground?
umm i downloaded this last year to play games on my laptop at school haha
but then i got tired of it not working and just got a mod chip.

anyway, back then the best working version was the "playground" one which was by far and away a better effort than trying the standard release

but i came back because i sold my ps2 last week and wanted to get the latest version, so here i am and its changed.

playground seems to have gone, havent seen anything about it anywhere here, so is it as i have assumed that the playground project has been kinda assimilated back into the normal one?

is just plain pcsx2 v 0.9.8 or whatever the best version out there now? because i have a copy of playground 1.0.0395 or something which works ok still, so i cant really tell which is better/any difference


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You can't play PCSX2 without owning a PS2... Not legally since you have to own a PS2 to own the Bios to play PCSX2... This constitutes discussing piracy which is against rule #1.
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saw that one coming... knw i should have done and

inb4 "u can't do _____"

i did own one when i got the bios off it. i now live in the same house as one so i think for argument's sake im basically covered. But we can pretend I dont have it and I'm just asking about the programs if you really want.

new question : that thing I said, without any references to my having a copy of the bios.
Playground is now super old/obsolete as the teams merged a while ago.
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ok cool thanks

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