what's the best config for my PC?
im new using PCSX2 and i've looking for some good plugins to run my games smoothly...

this is the games that im playing.. that experiencn some lag.

shinigami tensei Persona 4..
Gantz the game
final fantasy X

here's my pc spec's

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core
Processor 5200+
2.70 GHz, 2.00GB of RAM

i really need some suggestion .. to run smoothly for my games..

thanks Laugh

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I had a PC near identical to yours (only overclocked) and there are just some scenes that will have slowdowns. Specifically, in classrooms and with lots of enemies in battle. There are also a couple of shiny enemies that will slow the game to a crawl. Older GSDX versions (I use 1398 for this game) have much less of a slowdown on those situations, but it's still noticable.
[Image: 2748844.png]
GSDX?? the Older one? u mean

GSDX SSE2 0.1.14

here's my config Screen shots
[Image: dasdsadsa.png]
Sorry, when I said "older" I meant older betas. You're running 0.9.6 official which is even older than what I was talking about Wink

First thing to do is to update to the latest beta (revision 1888 from the download section) as it's a good 10-15% faster than 0.9.6. That'll give you quite a bit of speed up right there, just know you'll probably experience slowdown in those section either way unfortunately.
[Image: 2748844.png]
PCSX2 Beta 1888 installer (with plugins) Recommended! (20 September 2009)

this ryt?...

[Image: sdsadsadas.jpg]
That is odd.... http://forums.pcsx2.net/attachment.php?aid=21377 is the one you used?

Also make sure you have the most up to date directX ( http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/detai...laylang=en )

And VC10 ( http://pcsx2.dyndns.org/vc10/vcredist_x86.exe )
[Image: 2748844.png]
those 2 links .. dont work.. =(

sorry about my problem.. im a noob =(
Bah... The forum thought that the last ) was part of the URL... fixed.
[Image: 2748844.png]
bah.. im really confuse.. i extracted the beta.. pcsx2.. and download another and put it on the same folder(pcsx2beta-setup)
but its still has and error
That error stems from running the installer/emulator without administrative priviledge IIRC.

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