what the difference of using different bios?
what the difference of using different bios?

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As I understand it, basically none.
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Using PAL BIOS means your PS2 bootscreen (assuming you use full boot), will run at 50FPS (w/ frame limiter on), instead of 59.94. The only other difference is Japan 1.00 BIOS. That's the only BIOS I know that can break playable games while all other BIOS supports it. Other than that, PS2 Slim bios (v2.00+) won't support HDD Emulation Plugins. For this you need the complete dump of 1.00-1.50 US/PAL/Japan BIOS (Japan you need 1.50 as 1.00 lacks those functions if I remember correctly).
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As I understand the BIOS itself makes no difference as far as how well the game runs with pcsx2 or anything. The only difference between BIOS is whatever region you bought your PS2 in. Japan, North America, and the rest of the world.

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