when will PCSX2 be completed?
id love to no when. i mean so that it runs games perfect no graphical bugs never freezes crashes or retarded sound. any of u no?

all up i think that the creators of pcsx2 ARE FANTASTIC the thought of turning a console into a program is mind boggling!. It is defenitley the best emulator i have ever used!. I cant wait for the final version!. any idea when thisll come out? (and how about a PCSX3?)

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Probably when the actual PC hardware is powerful enough to allow focusing on accuracy without losing the race against a snail speedwise.
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We try to add features and increase PS2-like-behaviour all the time.
We're nearing good emulation completeness this way while adding nice features but there's no point where we'll call the whole of PCSX2 "complete".
Has there ever been a perfect emulator? Truely and completely complete? Maybe with an NES, but even PS1 emulation isn't there yet (if ever to be).

I'll just be happy when (and if) you guys can get Snowblind's stuff working right. That'll be complete enough for me. Wink
I don't think it'll ever be "complete", I doubt any video game console emulator out there is considered "complete" to begin with Tongue2
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SNES9x just had a new version come out a few weeks ago that fixed some compatibility... SNES9x has it's roots in SNES96 and SNES97, so after 15 years it's STILL not "complete" compatibility wise. It's the nature of emulation.
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(05-21-2011, 08:54 PM)Rezard Wrote: I'll just be happy when (and if) you guys can get Snowblind's stuff working right. That'll be complete enough for me. Wink

Im with you.

Anyway, even if the emulator is completed at some point. There is no way we can know when that would be.
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There are still intimate details of the PS2 that are unknown, so the ETA on a completed PCSX2 will remain just that (unknown).

It's plenty obvious why an emulator could never be complete. It would take the source of the emulated machine to truely make a complete emulator.

Oh, wait, POPS sucks, too... XD
The only emulators that are near perfection is the Atari ones. They even emulate the bugs the machine had.
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