where to found RAW code???
where can i obtain a RAW code?it is a game shark,CB etc??cuz i make a pnach doesn't work event its wrote cheat found....

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Raw codes are the kind: memory address + data to be placed there

Those cheat devices just encrypt it in a proprietary way. So, most probably you will find the codes for one of them and so need to extract the raw information to use in a pnach file. To it you can use some utilities like the OmniConvert, CB2Crypt and/or whatever else may exist.

Notice the pnach file Must have the name the same as the CRC for the game (you can see that CRC in the console log) and, under .97 it is placed in a /cheats folder and not in /patches as before.

There are many threads on this forum about how to create and maintain pnach files, search for it.

Addendum: if after all the emulator can't find the .pnach file, you may have the "hide known extension" set up on Windows and the file name is in fact xxx.pnach.txt (the .txt is just hidden) what prevents it being acknowledged.
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