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which build of pcsx2/settings can eun gow 2 at full speed
SPU2-X gives the best quality
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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latest one in the latest SVN which called SPU2-X 2.0 Smile

it fix the music cutting in the game Wink
and also the lines in underwater gameplay what to do ?
I guess its a known problem for which software mode is only the known solution. Try Other hacks such as SkipDraw hack and see if it works. Smile

SPU2-X is the best Sound Plugin giving the best Clarity. You can set it to Catmul Rom (PS2 Like) and it works best. Smile
what about the lines i get underwater
Theres no need for an double post for same thing. Smile

Didn't you read the above post. Try Software mode or use SkipDraw of different numbers. I am talking about the lines you get underwater.
but software mode lags

um sorry i thought it didn't got posted so i retyped it Laugh
Yes, nothing can be done. Try to increase the rendering threads. OR use Software mode only when in Underwater. Toggle it with F9 Key. Rest of the time use Hardware mode.

Check : Does Native Mode fix this issue?
Never mind my main double image problem is fixed thx for help everyone Smile

Welcome Smile

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