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which pcsx2 version is faster: windows or linux?
which pcsx2 version is faster: windows or linux?

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Windows because in Linux you need to use ZZOgl which is slower than GSDX. Don't know about GSDX-OGL. And linux compatibility is somwhat less what i heard 2 years before.. Tongue2
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let's argue it just a tiny bit..

Linux: PCSX2 itself (as a core) is faster, but ZZogl is slow
Windows: PCSX2 is slow (core) but GSdx is much faster than ZZogl

100% windows overall is faster, no doubt. but if you break it down.. it becomes interesting
thanks for replies.
But isn't Linux in combination with OpenGL quite fast?? Since Linux doesn't use the DirectX API, it can't use anything else then OpenGL and since even the newer cards got OpenGL 2.1 orso it should work out, mainly since Gabest's plugin is still imo the best graphical plugin.

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