which version of bt3 is better wii or ps2
is wii one superior to 6x native gfx in pcsx2

well all i want to ask is bt3 (budokai tenkaichi 3) in wii emulator (dolphin) maxed out graphics and textures better than pcsx2 6x native

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Obviously it won't compare as for the resolution, but the Wii version would probably have graphical advantages that go beyond resolution.

BTW - What is "bt3"?
Actually, they are graphiclly similar. Main difference is about the gameplay since the wiimote makes the experience totally different IMHO.
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Wii - other than strange controls - even on pad it have completely different mapping and less keys/different combinations + it does include soo called "nunchaku" controls, but never saw anyone playing with it, it has also online multiplayer mode, the thing is, most people say it's uber laggy and dunno how easy/hard is to find out somebody for it. It has also 2 less potaras and 2 less modes than PS2 version.

Difference on emulation based on knowing ps2 and watching some movies from wii, isn't big if you have fairy new and good pc, from what I saw and read dolphin emulation was better X years ago, but comparing to new /svn versions of pcsx2, wii one is much harder to emulate especially from the cpu side, but without a dedicated graphic card, both will probably lag hard. It does have 1 or two more processing effects by default, but that can be gained on pcsx2 with some custom work or simply playing in software mode(which btw, is much closer to original than any mode available on dolphin), and one of those effects - celshading at least from what people show in yt, isn's scaled in dolphin, which turns character seen from afar into a black dot thing. Shadows are most likely broken in both versions, in pcsx2 shadows have darker lines from time to time, while in Dolphin at least from what I saw in the yt movies, they go through most map objects.

If you have both consoles, and you can test the online mode before deciding, wii could be potentially better for the online mode graphics by default would be sharper probably too as wii has probably higher native res not 100% sure as thats more of a port than complete rewrite of a game, other than that the graphics weren't enhanced in any way, its not a new game and online play is known far wide sucking laggy in it, soo considering it could be unplayable PS2 version is probably better for single player with more potaras and modes, even more with more funny cheats giving it a second life after original gameplay get's boring while on wii well I dunno if there are any other than lame hp freeze.
Wii version has online mode. PS2 version of dbz bt 3 doesn't support online mode.

Graphics are all same. Tongue2

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(11-18-2011, 01:22 PM)recoder Wrote: Wii version has online mode. PS2 version of dbz bt 3 doesn't support online mode.

Graphics are all same. Tongue2

how about their fps type among those 2 console platform i know already the PS2 version is a cinematic FPS type
i dunno what Wii's FPS type is it Real-time(Vmax) just like in bukodai series.
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