who expreienced arrow keys as a right analog
very weird after i updated my win10 weekly update

as the result my D-pad is not working on pcsx2,nulldc and demul.....on pcsx2 as i check it as i playing front mission 4....but pressing the dpad it becomes a fixed right-analog control(unchangable!!) even on the your keyboard pressing the arrow keys will do the same thing.

this conflict is unaffected on rpcs3 and all steam games.

whoever exprerienced that let me know.
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Maybe I did not undertand what you mean but,no problems here(tested only pcsx2 with my gamepad in xinput and dinput mode)

I run the program padtest.elf to check the controls(I don't think testing a game will be any different),and everything works the same was as it was before the update(which I did just now)

XInput is using the builin auto configuration for xinput gamepads so I did not set the controls and I set everything while trying dinput
A bunch of my drivers got uninstalled on the last update. You may have to reinstall all of your drivers you use for your controllers.

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