why cant i get pcsx2 to work on win 7
so when i start pcsx2 it ask me to be configured, so i do. then i get the null massage, then i try again then i get the other massage (it in my attachment) any thing i try i get this massage, like change graphics plugins, sound, cdvdrom nothing

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which version it is? that I know, with any version starting from 0.9.6 you should have no troubles of memory allocation
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yea its 0.9.6
Are you running PCSX2 with the "Run as Administrator" command?
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For the null message activate the console from the "misc > enable console" menu it should tell you what plugin is giving a problem.
i run the pcsx2 as administrator and now i just get the bad allocation msg, i cant do any thing
It deos that to me then its says gs -1 then it shuts down.
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i finally got it to work, but with directx 10 plugin i cant get the full screen 1440 900 like i could with directx 9
Use alt+enter after you launch a game, It'll use your desktop resolution to do the fullscreen in DX10 instead.
This is a rare bug, it happens also in Vista Sp2 (or 1). Just keep trying, eventually the emu is going to work, this happened to me a long time ago, but it got fixed without anything in particular, I just keep trying a few more times and then it worked again Tongue
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