why i can't load Xenosaga I
Hi, i am new to using emulator, so i not sure about a lot of thing.

I tried loading Xenosaga I (NTSC - US), but all i get is a black screen and nothing happen. On the other window, right at the bottom was

ZeroGS: Set game option: 0X00400000
Rssd<0900> bind error !

Can anyone pls help me.

I'm using PCSX2 0.9.6
Graphics = ZeroGS o.97.1 (default setting)

I could play FF 12 without any problem, just a bit slow, using the default setting, so why i can't play Xenosaga I?

Pls advice

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It's likely due to the plugin not properly handling a dual layer disk. Make an iso of it and us linuxappz iso 0.9.0
sorry, but how do i do those? i,m new to this so i not very sure what u meant. can you tell me how to do them, or direct me to a wedsite that explain how to do them, thank you.
What is wrong with nowadays people? Can't you use Google? http://en.kioskea.net/faq/sujet-231-make-an-iso-image
Thank you all for all your help.
personally ntohing here said has really helped me at all, I am still getting the bind error problem, any other suggestions?
Bind error? Is this under windows? You need to post your full system specs,all your plugins used and PCSX2 settings for us to help you efficiently.
Why aren't you using GSdx?
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