why is DX10 so much faster
hi i just need to clarify, i have used this emulator in the past on vista, and it was incredibly fast like, jaw droppingly fast. however that was using dx10, now i've formatted and gone back to xp (i hate the bloody terrible UI in vista so much it makes me want to kill myself) i use the dx9 mode on gsdx9, and my god, it run at 50% speed, very sadface.
is it really DX10 that makes the game run, honestly, very sexy fast, or am i doing something wrong this time round?

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Well it's a couple of games that get a huge speed boost from DX10 (mainly because they like to do some tricky things killing performance in DX9) but most just get a small speedup.I guess you are trying some of those games to get half the speed on XP Tongue
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just a quick not, you can change the UI in vista to look like window XP, the only diffrence will be the controll pannel and instead of run on your task bar you get the search bar, which can be used in the same way.

(turn indexing off, save yourself the hard drive space)

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