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widescreen hack help?
can anybody here help me make dragon ball z infinite world 16:9 widescreen ive tried widescreen helper but it didnt work for me, it would be great if somebody already had the patch, it really sucks i want to run this game as awesomely as i can , i also think the fights will look absolutely stunning at 16:9/1080p

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(10-23-2012, 06:11 PM)pgert Wrote:

There's "no" patches for dragon ball z infinite world in your link, and i am a big noob with pcsx2 in general and im not a good ps2 game hacker, i need a actual patch already done up ive seen some for budokai 2&3 but i dont get why there is none for infinite world its actually a better game then budokai 2&3 because it has more characters and the animation is way better than tenkaichi 3
What pgert means is : "you posted in the wrong thread"
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