wil it run on my system?
I was wondering if i could run final fantasy x at close to full speed, on pcsx2, with these system specs:

2.8 GHz Dual core processor
Nvidia Geforce 8800

let me knowSmile thanks!

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stupid question yes you can..and i bet that 2.8 cpu is an intel..you can run it on full sped without bugs im sure of it
There is no such thing as a stupid question, but this question has already been answered several times i think Smile

You should be able to run it at full speed, as long as you d'ont overdo on the Resolutions (or Upscaling)

Also try running it with and without speed hacks to boost your performance even more.

I'd suggest using the Native resolution and default PCSX2 settings to begin with, and if you see that your pc can handle it you could try upping the Internal resolution or use the upscaler.
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Same guy already posted on NGEmu. That dual-core is a Pentium D (either Smithfield or Presler). It's not going to run as well as a Core 2 Duo Conroe/Wolfdale.
You can easily run it at fullspeed.
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