wild arms 3 chacter freezing
Wacko I have another problem with wild arms 3 where you fight this tiger like monster and it uses the spell turbulance the character's just stops there I repeat only character's not the emu no errors no nothing just stops
here's a screenshot
I get stuck with this
did not happen before on any other battle except this one pls help tried disbling speedhacks and setting ee recs to nearest and clamp to normal still the same
My New PC
[Image: 1714419.png]
[Image: stargate_sg_1_stamp_by_OmegaDreamSeeker11.jpg]

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is that Wait for cycles in the Speed Hacks on (Checked the box)?? If yes,disable it and try again..If no,try other gsdx version,and tell your pcsx2 specs...Wink

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