wild arms acf post battle slowdown
My game seems to run at 30 frames and slows down after i finish a fight but returns to normal after leaving. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

My one 1.2.1plugins on are...

direct3D11 Hardware


fxaa enable fx shader
allow 8-Bit Textures
Enable HW Hacks


and i'm using 2 preset on video config

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Can you please post your hardware specs?

What are your EE% & GS% readings during slowdowns?

Is 'returns to normal' meaning returns to 30fps or 50/60fps?
My specs are 4g ram, AMD athlon x2 240 processor 2.80 ghz, geforce gt 440

EE% 9-31
GS% 57-65

yeah it goes back 50/60 fps
Doesn't sound that bad.

Those values were observable during slowdowns (30 FPS or less)?
Can you use preset 1 and report back the updated values?

I would guess your cpu is too weak even if these indicators don't show it.
The single thread benchmark (passmark) result is lower than 1000. A typical requirement is to have above 1200 points sometimes even 1400 points.
The best idea would then be to overclock your cpu, use a different pc if present, or play it on your ps2.

Even optimal settings can only improve framerate by a few fps. Probably there will be no pure best-setting-solution to your problem.
yeah it's still playable.

preset 1 produces the same results

thanks for the response it sounds like a weak cpu is the problem
You can have a look into Saiki's suggestion for low-end cpu's. Probably this will help you a bit. If it does don't forget to thank him for the guide.

You can also try to use older versions but will not get any support for them anymore.
Have a look for pcsx2 0.9.8 which was quite stable but still significantly faster than current releases.

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