wild arms alter code f .. Help!!
Hello guys.. I'm new here

I'm playing wild arms alter code f using pcsx2
It seems fine except that the fps slows down to 30-40 when there is a cut scene or when I talk to someone, and also after a battle when the EXP screen shows.

attached are the settings I used.

my machine:
Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz
Memory (RAM): 3.00 GB
Graphics:Nvidia Gforce 9200m gs
Windows Vista Service pack 2 32-bit OS

any help would be appreciated.

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There probably isnt a lot you can do given your weak cpu/gpu. Try setting clamping mode to none(Im fairly sure that works well for this game) and also activate a bit more speedhacks, start with the recommended ones. You can also activate frame skip by pressing shift+F4 ingame but this will probably make the game less smooth.
CPU: C2D E8400 @ 3.6
GPU: GTX 560Ti 2Gb
MOB: Asus P5QL
RAM: Crucial 4Gb
OS: Windows 7 64bit/XP 32bit
The end of battle screen does an effect that's very taxing on your GPU.
You can enable the skipdraw hack in GSdx to lessen the load.
Check the configuration guide, "Hacks Subsection" here:

Set skipdraw to 1 or 2 and check if it helps.
Right, I'm going to bump this not-very-old thread for my first post as I'm having a similar problem with the first post-battle screen.
Though seeing as it eats GPUs for breakfast I have a funny suspicion that my awful G210 stand no chance of ever running that properly. The fact that the usage skyrockets from occasional single digit usage to high 90's was my first clue.

I'm guessing my 9600, which is still lying in my old compy, will deal with it somewhat better.

I'm still tweaking anything else as much as I can to get the rest of the game to run as smoothly as possible, which isn't going brilliantly. It's dipping enough to disrupt the sound anyway.

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