will PCSX2 team reconsider about support quad core ?
hi, I got a E7200 & a dirty cheap ECS G31 mobo and a piece of 9800gt that can run games in about ~25-30fps. Now I'm thinking of getting a new mobo to OC the CPU to ~3.7ghz.

The thing is: the money I spend on changing the mobo can help me get a Q6600 or a 2nd Q9xxx. I think a expensive mobo is good only in OC & some stuff that normal user like me wont even touch.

In the past, the pcsx2 said that they wouldn't think about support quad core since it is expensive, but now Quad's prices are gone down alot (~$170 in mycountry, and if you're lucky, you could get a 2nd quad for ~$120), so I want to know if now the team have reconsider about this problem.

@Sorry for my terrible english

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Ok, I think I can answer to this. Using more than 2 cores is not easy, but if possible we'd like to do that in the future.

That's it. No dates set, no guarantees in any way. But yes, if we can, we would like to. Just an idea for the future.
thanks for the answer Laugh. I can wait as long as the possibility is not zero.
as krakatos said, yes we would like to support quadcores, but to do so efficiently is a big task.

if things go well with our plans, we will support more multithreading in the future.
when exactly? we can't say. hopefully not to far into the future (sometime this year i'm hoping)

but that doesn't mean we'll get 100% FPS gains from each core, it'll probably be around a 20~30% speed boost total.
dual core users will also benefit as well (maybe 5~15%)

of course i'm just being optimistic, but quad-core support is something i've wanted to see in pcsx2 for along time, so don't think the users are the only ones that want this Wink
I think the main issue with multicore is concurrency. Making separate threads is easy making threads that aren't dependent upon each other and keeping the threads in sync so that one part isn't way ahead of the other is the issue. Especially since the workload isn't exactly split up evenly over the the cores of the PS2 anyways. So the easiest way to split up the workload isn't very efficient and isn't going to gain you all that much.
(02-04-2009, 06:36 AM)cottonvibes Wrote: it'll probably be around a 20~30% speed boost total.

That is more than I would of hoped for, I'm glad to see you devs are at least thinking about quad core support, and seem to be optimistic.
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This is going to be a great day. On an Oced quad core any speed problem on Pcsx2 PP might as well disappear.
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Don't really expect this. EE recompilation thread is No1 of speed trouble and it's seems never be forked anyway.
I'm one optimistic bastard Smile
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Just to reitterate what the other guys have said, using more cores would be a nice addition, this would give us oppertunity to throw time consuming processes on to a different core to decrease execution time. Unfortunately it requires a LOT of new code and timing considerations so this will require code not to be changed in those areas until work is done.
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